IMG_1168_cropWelcome! This is the professional site of Lauren Kuehne. I’m an ecologist who studies human impacts on aquatic systems, with the goal of contributing to long-term sustainability of natural resources. I focus on freshwater ecosystems since they are so closely intertwined in the everyday lives of people; healthy lakes, rivers, and wetlands are a resource we desperately need but often take for granted.

My commitment to promoting sustainability of natural resources means that I not only spend my time doing science, but also working at the interface of conservation and policy in collaboration with state and federal agencies, tribes, and NGOs. On this site, you’ll find information about my scientific background, past and current research projects. You’ll also find highlights from my science communication work,  and my blog, which includes research updates, freshwater policy news, and the odd musing on society and the environment.

Thanks for visiting – and hope you enjoy the site!  Feel free to contact me about my research at

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